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About Us

CINESS is a full-service visual media production that creates digital content for your businesses. Some people say, "Good story wins. Always" but in CINESS, we take it even further by visualizing your thoughts and ideas. Visualization can create a stronger interactive, entertain the audience, educate the public, or have consumers take action.


The name "CINESS" comes from “CINE,” which means we produce each project as a cine film, and “SS” represents our team members, projects, and passion.  We value everyone who works with us so we embed them into our company name and here comes "CINESS." 


The world is a different place than it was, and the way everyone does business has been turned on its head. CINESS is the pioneer of the trend in the visual community and brings your thoughts to the real world; furthermore, we make the consumers well adapt to your businesses.

The People of CINESS

Willie Liu

Co-Founder / Production Manager

Nick Fang

Co-Founder / Art Director

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